Mar 5 to Mar 11, 2022

Mar 5 to Mar 11, 2022

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Mar 5 to Mar 11, 2022
  • ENCORE: BARRE.SO.HARD with Amber (Jan 30, 2021)

    The name says in all. Experience recommended, HIIT sequencing could be included. Class starts at: 7 min mark. Equipment: 3lbs & 5lbs weights.

  • 60 min Bangin' Backside with Heather

    Take this class for a higher, tighter, rounder tush. All fitness levels. Equipment: 5 pound weights, 2 gliders, and a mat. Instructor is wearing runners.

  • 15 min Stretch with Danna

    Instructor will be wearing toe sox and using a mat.

  • 30 min Barre Body Fit with Danna

    Target every area of your body through a series of exercises incorporating the ballet barre. Instructor will be wearing toe sox and using 5lb weights and a circle band.

  • RISE UP IWD playlist with Marlo (Mar 10, 22)

    RISE UP is a HIIT class designed to elevate your heart rate, lift your spirit and cleanse your soul.
    Equipment: 5 lbs weights & mat. Shoes are recommended.

  • Body by Barre with Crystal (Mar 7, 2022)

    Body by Barre strips away the extras to focus more work at the barre. No cardio, no weights, less on the floor, longer at the barre and a slightly longer stretch.

    No equipment for class, just a barre and mat for floor work.

  • 50 min EMOM with Marlo (Mar 5, 22)

    We hustle for Every Minute on the Minute in this class. Expect back-to-back strength work, cardio, and combos.
    Class starts at the 4:30 min mark with a brief intro.
    Equipment: 10lbs, 15lbs and a mat.