• Pre-Natal Barre Press with Amber

    Pre-natal Barre Press class is a condensed version of our classic Barre Body Fit. Your instructor will only teach one cardio and keep you moving through the sequences quickly for a faster hit of feel good endorphins leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day. All fitn...

  • Prenatal Standing Barre with Jaimie

    20 mins dedicated to the lower body at the barre.

    No equipment needed

  • Prenatal Standing Centre with Jaimie

    10 mins devoted to standing work in the centre.

    No equipment needed

  • Prenatal Core + Pelvic Floor with Jaimie

    15 mins to devote to the core and pelvic floor.

    Equipment used: Pilates ball

  • Prenatal Stretch with Jaimie

    10 mins of safe stretching for the expectant moms out there. This is a fabulous video to do at the end of whatever workout you've done for the day or on its own.

    No equipment needed