Mar 26 to Mar 31, 2022

Mar 26 to Mar 31, 2022

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Mar 26 to Mar 31, 2022
  • SUN, MAR 27 10AM // Barre Body Fit with Danna (Remix Playlist)

    Target every area of your body through a series of exercises incorporating the ballet barre. Instructor will be wearing toe sox and using 5 lb weights and an exercise ball.

  • TUES, MAR 29 9:30AM // HIIT with Heather

    High Intensity Interval Training. This is a fast paced, challenge class that is designed to make you sweat! Equipment: 5 & 3 pound weights, a circle band, a pilates ball, and a mat. Instructor is wearing runners.

  • WED, MAR 30 7PM // RISE UP with Marlo

    RISE UP is a HIIT class designed to elevate your heart rate, lift your spirit and cleanse your soul. Equipment: 5lbs and a mat. Shoes recommended.

  • 45 min Low Impact Barre Body Fit with Crystal

    Target every area of your body through a series of strategic exercises focusing on strength and flexibility incorporating the ballet barre. All fitness levels. The instructor is wearing toesox and using a black ball and a set of 3lb weights.

  • 30 min EMOM with Marlo

    We hustle for Every Minute on the Minute in this class. Expect back-to-back strength work, cardio, and combos. Equipment: Heavy weights (15lbs) and a mat.

  • 15 min Arms with Marlo

    15 mins of non-stop arms. Grab a set of light and heavy weights and let's get started!

  • ENCORE: Strength + Sweat with Nicole (June 23, 2021)

    Strength + Sweat mixes it up with a little bit of everything, minus repetitive jumping. Equipment: 2lb or 3lb weights. 60 mins.